Lethal Bizzle and Lady Leshurr hype us up with new song ‘Don’t Believe You’

One of grime’s finest legends, Lethal Bizzle, and Birmingham’s one and only Lady Leshurr join forces for a powerful move on Lethal B’s new song called, ‘Don’t Believe You’.

Lethal Bizzle plays a fundamental place in the grime scene and he does not dissapoint with his new project. Birmingham’s DJ and producer, Swifta Beater, did not fail either by producing this cold beat, somehow reminding me of the “classic” days of grime.

Risky Roads has definitely had a busy week as we see a second video being released today as another one of his productions. The video starts with Lethal Bizzle jumping out of his Rolls Royce and spitting in his usual fast speed flow, complimenting the beat and sending nothing but energy. You can literally feel your blood pressure going up and getting ready to rave…  The song is a statement the artist is making on people who pretend to be what they are not, and while the lyrics make us think that Lethal B is referring to people who stunt in the hood or social media, the visuals imply a political reference also.

Lady Leshurr come thru with the Brum twang and matches Lethal Bizzle’s delivery, spitting outing her usual clever punchlines. These two together has to be one of the best collaborations I have seen recently as it actually makes you stay hype even after the song finishes.

Make sure you check the video and let us know what you think.