LD (67) And George The Poet Discuss Music And Street Life

LD (67) meets George The Poet for an in-depth conversation about drill, the influence that music has on street violence and much more.

LD and George The Poet sit down to converse about everything from music to jail. They speak about violent music and how it impacts the streets, getting out of the ends and suffering from low moments, including a low time for LD where he planned to live in Ghana for a better life.

LD talks about how jail ended up helping him focus on his music by taking the time to really figure out the music game and get his head where it needed to be. “It makes you or breaks you”, he says.

Moving on, LD and George discuss how good it feels to get paid for being yourself, and why you should live life acting as something you’re not. Authenticity is key.

Also, George talks about his new radio show in jail, asking LD what he thinks people in jail need to hear in preparation for coming home. And more!

It is an insightful interview that gives viewers a look at life through the eyes of LD. Watch the full conversation in the video above. Let us know your thoughts on social media.