Lady Leshurr sends shots in her first freestyle of 2018 ‘R.I.P’

Following on from Paigey Cake’s confessions via Twitter on New Years Eve (tweeting about being fed up of Lady Leshurr ‘indirecting’ her) there has been a lot of anticipation for tracks to be released, exposing the truth, and a potential clash. Lady Leshurr has now responded by dropping her first freestyle and diss track back to her, which was “recorded, shot, edited and released within 24 hours”.

The Brum native has certainly not held back on her new track ‘R.I.P’ firing shots left right and centre. She gets off to a fiery start spitting “All these porkie pies, why am I not surprised? Who got their V broken on Valentines?”. Leshurr also gives a nod to WSTRN referencing two of their iconic tracks with the lyrics “I was never in2 you but I made u bendova like WSTRN”. As if to further disrespect Paigey Cake, Leshurr dropped this new freestyle yesterday (18th January) on Paigey Cake’s birthday.

This could potentially ignite a lyrical clash between the two MCs, I for one do not think this is over, and is only the beginning.

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Make sure to watch the video above now!