Lady Leshurr joins Amelia for another Chicken Shop Date

Amelia is back… now all we need is a chicken shop and a date. We have just that! It’s Lady Leshurr’s turn in the hot seat to have a date in a chicken shop on West Ham Lane.

The video starts of with Leshurr bearing gifts as an apology to standing poor Amelia up on the first date. The conversation gets flowing and the pair start to discuss romantic dates, where ‘Lady Leshurr’ originated from and using a leaf to wipe a bottom (Don’t ask, TMI)!

Lady Leshurr AKA Santa Claus on this occasion gifts Amelia a hat, a hoodie, an inflatable queen crown and a little something related to Drake.

Digging a little deeper, the Brum rapper explains different words she likes to use in exchange for swearing, especially within her songs. With Amelia’s poor attempt to pronounce them, it’s hard not to laugh.

Mid date, Leshurr proposes a better idea with better chicken… across the road to her house which is five minutes away. Amelia dodges that idea initially but by the end of the date, her plans soon change.

Watch the latest chicken shop date by Amelia Dimoldenberg above: