Krept Keeps It Real In New Halfcast Podcast Episode

Honesty is a very good quality to have and it would seem Krept didn’t hold back when he met up with Chuckie and Poet for the latest episode of the Halfcast Podcast. Krept talks about the communication breakdown with Giggs, chasing clout and much more in an hour long interview.

Firstly, if I was to make a list of most humble artists then Krept would be first. Then I would proceed to rip it up because lists don’t mean anything, talent and creativity will always prevail no matter what. Massive blessings to Krept, in the interview he pays homage to Sneakbo and mentions how defining he has been in the scene.

If you watch this podcast then I promise it won’t be a waste of your time. You’ll get nothing but honesty, Krept talks in length about his relationship with Giggs and where the communication breakdown started. He pays some respect to Giggs and speculates about where it all went wrong.

Chuckie and Poet do a great job and ask all the right questions in this interview. Some great debates take place within the video. Poet makes a very valid point that discrepancies and disputes should be internal. Blessings to all guys for making such a great podcast.

It would seem that Giggs isn’t too pally with Tally.

Make sure you go and check it out now.