Krept and Konan release music video for ‘For Me’

From their first project in two years, Krept and Konan have returned with a bang, with not one but two mixtapes for us! We can’t wait, and this evening they shared with us one music video from each mixtape.

Both music videos were directed by KLVDR and they represent what we know already of the two mixtapes so far.
‘For Me’ is from their second mixtape ‘7 nights’ and it is a lot more sexy, and relaxed. Filmed on a beautiful backdrop, again surrounded with stuninng women, we see a softer side to both Krept and Konan in this video. It made me nostalgic for summer, and being in the sun.

It reminds me of a real old R&B classic, with a sultry and vibey beat.

The two mixtapes will be available to download and stream from 20th of October however they are able to be pre ordered now, and you can do this by going to the link below.