Kojo Funds is back with new banger ‘Aint The Same’ featuring Abracadabra Trix Sosa and Weezo

Kojo Funds is back with a new banger entitled ‘Aint The Same’ and behind him is an army of UK talent in Abracadabra, Trix Sosa, and Weezo. They all bring their hardest bars in their verses, on a backdrop of a slick production and Kojo on the hook.

Shot in totally black and white, with just the rappers and their boys, on their estates, it is powerful and simple.

After seeing Kojo Funds at Strawberries & Creem this month, where he actually bought out Abracadabra for their iconic tune ‘Dun Talking’, I have a lot of respect for his mad work ethic and performances. It’s really good to see these two artists link up again with each other!

Produced by Roman Virani, this song is pure greaze. It just feels like a car riddim, when you are riding along and you want to have it up loud. I really love it. Well done to everyone involved in it. Let me guys know your thoughts on it by hitting us up on social media!