P Money Goes Off With Flows For Days On ‘Road Rage 2’

The UK music scene is in a good place now despite controversy and outside interest, particularly from interested parties that don’t want the music to flourish. Hearing acts of new and old, including Grime veteran P Money, serve as a reminder of this and keep the scene healthy with a sense of balance. In 2016, P dropped the ‘Road Rage’ video over that legendary Teddy Music instrumental gave us a brief reminder of why P Money is still held in high regard and show his lyrical dexterity and ability to bar with the best of the scene. He very recently released the sequel, Road Rage 2′ featuring production from producer Gallah.

‘Road Rage 2’ comes almost two years after its predecessor, and upon listening to it sounds like P Money has not missed a step at all. P is still at his charismatic and combative best, with flows, range and a breath control that gives him room to switch it up at the drop of a hat. He covers a variety of different topics including snitching, Kanye West (whose hand he wouldn’t shake), Nas and more. There’s a couple of man that he wouldn’t work with and he gets enraged when detractors state that he did nothing for his ends. The track comes as part of the build up to ‘Back 2 Back EP’ which drops July 27th.

Watch the video above and listen to ‘Road Rage 2’ on all major streaming platforms including Apple Music and Spotify.