P Money Takes Aim Again In ‘Liars In The Booth’ Video

Following the release of his Snake EP, – a trio of Dot Rotten diss tracks, P Money unleashes the brand new music video to Liars In The Booth.

Liars In The Booth viciously addresses some more of the gripes P Money has with former OGZ emcee, producer and engineer, Dot Rotten,  bringing up more of Dot’s past transgressions and relentlessly taking aim at some of the women in Dot’s life, both past and present.

This feud between these two emcees runs way deeper than music, which is very apparent when you listen to the words in each diss track. Though this back and forth seems a little one sided at present, with P Money firing back 3 times after Dot dropped one track. Dot Rotten’s past behaviour suggests this lyrical war isn’t going to end any time soon.

The above is seemingly what set P Money on a rampage, after personal shots were fired, attacking his credibility and character it was clear that a response was absolutely necessary, but was a 3 track EP what we were looking for from P Money?

You decide, check out the Snake EP, and let us know your thoughts on the whole thing, is it a step too far? Is there no rules in love and war? Should Dot Rotten reply? It’s mad, Snake EP 2 is apparently on the way regardless of any reply. Damn.