K Trap and LD come through with ‘Edgware Road’ video

K Trap and LD have joined forces on ‘Edgware Road’ with their styles working in perfect harmony. This release from K Trap and LD have come through with a surprise track and it’s getting many people excited.

England may have lost in the football but K Trap and LD are putting a smug smile on many faces tonight, with them emulating the true elements of trap.

Bravo to Bravo who was behind the camera, making ‘Edgware Road’ into a lovely little visual for everyone to love. The masked musicians come through with a direct flow and send waves into the scene with every bar they spray.

The video has some nice little action shots to it, with K Trap and LD loving a bit of the shisha. When the smoke clears you can clearly see two guys doing bits for the scene right now.  K Trap has seen some success this year with ‘A to B’ causing a madness. LD is seeing success with 67 and his track ‘Most Wanted’ caused a stir.

K Trap and LD have made me a lot more positive for the weekend now. Let’s hope we see this two link up again in the future.


Check out the video for ‘Edgware Road’ above the article now.