Just Banco takes us on a journey with ‘The Last Train to Trapan’

Manchester is a city that personifies culture, Just Banco is an artist that showcases his talents in the highest order. ‘The Last Train to Trapan’ is the Manchester lad’s debut album and believe when I say that it’s going to be remembered for a very long time.

The individuality  that Just Banco has at his disposal is quite frankly very frightening. All aboard that train for this is an express line heading straight for Trapan.


Missing –

Missing’ has a slow start and it highlights Just Banco’s talent to work with a beat. The artist makes lightwork of easing his way into the song and his unique style shines through. The longer the song goes on the better it gets. Earlier on in the year I had an interview with Just Banco and he told me to expect big things for the future, ‘Missing’ is a great opener to the album.

Sales Running ft – K Don –

One listen of ‘Sales Running’ and you can hear the hard work and determination that’s gone into ‘Last Train to Trapan’. Just Banco is fine tuning his craft and presenting something different on each track. ‘Sales Running’ is a song that gets you invested from the start, a mixture of Just Banco and K Don gifts us with a certified track.

Asleigh –

I apologise for getting passionate about this one. ‘Ashleigh’ is some of the best music a Manchester artist has ever made. A song that’s not afraid to break boundaries and go the extra mile. Just Banco crafted a showstopper with this track and really did himself justice in the process. If you take anything from this album then please make sure it’s this song.

Lad –

Another stellar release from Just Banco. ‘Lad’ was a song that got him attention from all corners of the country. The 0161 has got some outstanding talent in the music department, but at the forefront is Just Banco and with ‘Lad’ he really does something special. Personally I think Just Banco has the talent to be a household name within 2 years, he is simply too unique to be ignored and slept on.

Soo Yung –

‘Soo Yung’ was Just Banco’s earlier release in the summer. It gathered plenty of attention for its unusual beat. He does an excellent job on the track but I would have loved to see a feature on this one. I think this one needs an all-star Manchester remix, I’m looking at you Aitch and Fiasco.

Chun Li –

A song that deserves to be on the album list. Just Banco eases into ‘Chun Li and musters a flawless song that is a staple for his Trapaense style. ‘Chun Li’ got replayed me so many times by me, the lyrics are relevant and they are delivered by Just Banco effortlessly.

Can’t Say –

‘The Last Train To Trapan’ is a project not to be reckoned with. I can’t say if Just Banco is going to be a world-renowned star. But I can say he is soaring and the only direction for the Manchester artist is up. ‘Can’t Say’ is a staple for the album and it really does take on its own persona.

Just Call Me –

As ‘The Last Train to Trapan’ reaches its last stop, we must remember that Just Banco has done an incredible job of making our journey the best it can be. ‘Just Call Me’ is a contender for best song of the whole album. It’s punchy lyrics and infectious beat really do help guide this song.


‘The Last Train to Trapan’ will 100% be a repeat journey. Just Banco is carving out a name for himself and he’s doing it with style and flair in the process. This album is not to be slept on, if I do find anyone sleeping on this creativity then I will be sending for you on a diss track.

If you want to listen to the future then please make sure you go and listen to ‘Last Train to Trapan’ now and don’t forget to let us and Just Banco what you think.

Blessings my people.