Just Banco Drops New Video For ‘Sales Running’ & ‘Missing’

Getting two of something is often way better than getting one, it can be a lovely feeling and today that’s exactly what it is as Just Banco offers up a new set of visuals to Sales Running and Missing all at once. 2 for the price of 1 some might say.

The duel video is sub-zero and it offers up the gift of a figurative ‘hadouken’ to anyone who dares click on it. The cold imagery works perfectly with the vibe that Just Banco was creating behind the camera. Sales Running and Missing work well together and compliment each other within the video. Both songs are taken from the Manchester Lad’s recently release debut project, The Last Train to Trapan and the video really does the music justice. Pure originality is the theme in everything Banco does and is pretty much the first thing that springs to mind when you watch the visuals for the first time.

The 0161 has some serious talent in its ranks and it seems as though Trapaense fever is spreading across the Uk this festive period. With the release of The Last Train to Trapan hopefully this means Just Banco is thinking about a UK tour. Talent like this can’t be contained.

Make sure you check out the video above and be sure to let us know what you think.