Just Banco Creates A Vibe With ‘Ashleigh’ Video

What a vibe Just Banco has created with his new song ‘Ashleigh’ and the video does the song justice as well. The Manchester trap artist puts the work in for what is a very infectious song. ‘Ashleigh’ is certainly a moment for the rapper, who has had hits before with songs like ‘Soo Yung’ and ‘Can’t Stay.’

The video is nothing short of a movie with bikes and police sirens being the main visuals. So big up Banco and Matthew Healy for creating a video that matches this song. The Manchester scene has been very creative over the last few years and with a song like ‘Ashleigh’ we get to see what the scene has to give us.

‘Ashleigh’ has a certain vibe to it, I mean think about it for a minute, every girl called Ashleigh is just a spice and now we have a song to show this. Banco does a very good job in front of the camera, looking fly in a sports car and being at the forefront of his crew. Trust me when I say you won’t regret giving this video the time it deserves, it’s a song that you can play late into the night hours and plot with it.

Check out the video for ‘Ashleigh’ above now.