Jrdan creates a vibe with ‘Mango’

JRDAN has come through with a vibe in the form of his new song ‘Mango.’ A summer time beat works well with this song as JRDAN comes through with a nice little wave. The colour orange is all through the video, making it very vibrant throughout. JRDAN looks to be having fun in the lambo and provides us with a very catchy song in the form of ‘Mango.’

People are tipping JRDAN for big things and it seems everyone wants him to link up with the one and only Headie One. ‘Mango’ is a wave in many ways, the lyrics are quite clever from JRDAN, everything in the song flows well together. The video helps ‘Mango’ Perhaps, JRDAN will release more fruit related songs in the future, but, for the moment it’s all about ‘Mango’ and the vibe it’s creating.

‘Mango’ would have certainly been  summer hit, it’s a tune I can i see being played at some BBQ’s or even just in the car with the fam. It’s got a very universal sound about it. Big ups to GM on the visuals they did a good shoot.

Make sure you go and check out JRDAN’s new song ‘Mango’ and let us know what you guys think.