Joel Baker And RK Join Forces For Emotive Collab ‘Repair’

Singer/songwriter, Joel Baker, collaborates with the Brum Town baby, RK, for an honest and touching track, entitled ‘Repair’.

Joel Baker has a husky mastered tone that creates a powerful impact when he sings, and that sound is perfect for emotional storytelling tracks. After collaborating with a few rappers previously, and showing his versatility, he has now collaborated with Birmingham-raised rapper, RK, and the result is breathtaking.

Repair is open and honest, and as Joel sings his emotions out, and let’s us know that he’s ‘past repair’, RK shares his story. The rapper has slowed it down, in terms of flow, to share his tale of regret – of leaving a relationship beyond repair. The rawness of the lyrics makes Repair both emotional and relatable.

The visuals, of this new track, are quite simple, which is sometimes the most effective style – and that rings true in this case. Settings are dark, and cold in appearance, making the story of, somewhat, emptiness more heartfelt. You can see how hurt feels.

Joel Baker, and RK, are a perfect fit to tell a story, of heartache and letdown, in a way that makes those who can relate feel bold. This is a story that asks for redemption, and many of you will certainly want to listen to this track more than once.

Check out Repair, by Joel Baker and RK, in the video above. Let us know your thoughts.