Joe Grind comes through with ‘Gangsta’

Joe Grind has just released his much anticipated song ‘Gangsta.’ The beat is everything in this song and it’s paired with Grind’s hard hitting lyrics that penetrate through the speakers.

Joe Grind has been very active this year, releasing some great freestyles and proving us with more evidence for why he is one of the realest rappers in the entirety of the scene. With ‘Gangsta’ we have a vibe, you find yourself intoxicated by the beat, then Grind spits lyrics that make an impact on you.

The video works extremely well with the direction of the song. Grind prominent in a crisp white tee and friends in the background happy to be listening to ‘Gangsta.’ Big up to Tv Toxic and Ayrton Alexis for the visuals, they’ve done a good job of capturing the right energy that the video needed.  The flow that Grind possess in the video is extremely scary. It’s just another reminder of how talented the man really is.

‘Gangsta’ will certainly make an impact on your playlists, Grind makes it very hard for you not to pay him homage with this one. I look forward to seeing what else Joe Grind has up his sleeve this year.

Make sure you go and check out the video now.