J Dot And Kamar Unveil Deep ‘For Real’ Collaboration

J Dot and Kamar unveil their collaborative effort entitled ‘For Real’ and it’s deep.

There’s a new Nottingham collaboration from artists J Dot and Kamar – and it’s necessary. The track entitled ‘For Real’ displays exceptional urban talent – and we love it.

Music about popping bottles and flaunting your success is cool but sometimes people just need to relate, and many can’t relate to the high-life. However, with ‘For Real‘, many can relate to the track because, cliche to say but, it’s real.

The beat is so pure and chilled out which contrasts with the grime flow projected by the artists – yet the differences match perfectly together. The bars are fast and moving during the verses and then stripped down during the chorus – to the kind of singing that makes you think.

J Dot and Kamar were smart with their collaboration because together they shared a message. The feds will try and lock you down when you’re making moves but regardless you have to fight through it – and do this thing For Real. It’s an important message, and although the track expresses low experiences, it’s uplifting. It’s a reminder for those who are going through everyday struggles to keep going – and music with a message is the best.

Great sound, smooth flows and meaningful lyrics. For Real is a track worth listening to and taking in.

You can watch the visuals for For Real above.