J Cole Meets Up With Lil Pump For Interview

What defines a generation, for me it’s simple, music is the definition. Take J Cole for example, he has sold millions of records and his agenda has never changed, it’s always been about his music, the man stands for something. Then, let’s take Lil Pump who is a 17-year-old and is rapping about drugs, chains, and automobiles

What happens when you put Cole and Pump in the same room together? well, an hour-long interview that has surprised many of his fans. Cole who last month released his album ‘KOD’ sends shots for Pump on his track ‘1985’ which makes reference to his name, music style, and other things.

It’s mad when you put it into perspective, J Cole has beef with a 17-year-old, but it’s understandable at the same time.

‘Plus you’re having fun and I respect that, but have you ever thought about your impact’ (J Cole – 1985′

With Cole saying bars like this it’s surprising that the two have sat down together and spoke.  The interview starts with a sense of awkwardness, both artists are sitting on the couch and shake each others hands, but as they start talking we find out that Cole has a good opinion of Lil Pump.

‘When I spoke to you on the phone I was like damn he is smart’

J Cole took it on himself to make this interview happen and for that I have to give the North Carolina credit for. The two continue to talk about their music and life, and you get a clearer picture of what is happening. Cole has a list of questions and the two really do cover pretty much everything.

I’ll never like Lil Pump’s music, and I’ll always love J Cole’s, but from watching this interview I have some more respect for the Gucci Gang rapper, he could’ve released countless diss tracks  and made merchandise if he wanted to, but he decided to talk to J Cole and get to the root of their problems. Dam, Drake and Pusha should get on Jeremy Kyle, it would save him so much money in promotion assistance and career reviving fees.