Jay Ardz is hungry for success with ‘Chinese Shop’

Jay Ardz has just released his new song ‘Chinese Shop’ and this one is sounding fresh, the beat is sounding perfect for the whip and the lyrics are on point as well. Jay Ardz is coming through with some positivity with ‘Chinese Shop’ and the song will leave you feeling very upbeat. Jay Ardz has a spring in his step in the video and makes everything roll.

Listening to this song it has a particular vibe to it, it’s a song you can really listen to over and over again. At the start of the video we see Jay Ardz make his order at the Chinese shop, it’s a good video that matches with the song. For the majority of the video we see him enjoying himself with the gang and this helps make the video. ‘Chinese Shop’ is certainly going to get some attention, Jay Ardz is too charismatic for it not to blow up.

The chorus is piping hot and ready to be served to the scene. It will stay in your head pretty much all day. Blessings to Jay Ardz for creating a big wave with ‘Chinese Shop.’

Make sure you go and give the video a watch and let us know what you think.