It’s a Drill phenomenon as 150 Grizzy, Stickz and M Dargg link up with Mayhem for Pioneers

The original drill kings, Grizzy and Stickz, alongside fellow 150 member M Dargg, have teamed up with Mayhem for a new banger entitled Pioneers.

The track definitely does was it says on the tin and sees the 150 guys explain their roles as pioneers in the UK Drill scene, alongside Uptop’s Mayhem.

Firm “opps” of successful Drill group, 67, 150 may have been somewhat overlooked of late, especially since Grizzy’s recent three-year stretch in the jailhouse. He did, however, bang out some sick tunes whilst serving time and within a month of his release, he dropped ‘Who’s Who? – which wasn’t his typical Drill heavy style, but a banger nonetheless.

Stickz has also been relatively quiet of late, but all members go hard on this M1 produced beat, where they can be seen dressed in white mechanic overalls throughout the cold visuals for the track.

Definitely keep a look out for the Angel Town man putting their side of Brixton back on the map!