Introducing 3flows and their mission with ‘6Speed’

3flows are making music at the highest rate at the moment. The best thing is they don’t look like stopping anytime soon. Introducing Jorrdz, Adz Mulla, and Cas Deezy.

Three long term friends for over fifteen years who have always been writing and recording music from their mid teen years. In June 2016, they decided to form a collective and merge their music genres.

Their group name is 3Flows, as there are 3 different sounding flows in the music they make together. The music is a nice variety of sounds including UK Rap, Dancehall, and Afroswing.

When we look at the video for ‘6Speed’ we really do see this unique style come together and create a great song. It’s a type of style that really is out there and gets noticed. When I hear this song I hear nothing but positive vibes and it makes me think how far 3Flows could go as group.

The name 3Flows is something that stands out as well and that’s half the mission done, once you have a name that people will remember it becomes hard to stay unnoticed. Plus if they continue making music like this then I know for sure 3Flows will go very far in the scene.


Make sure you check out the video for ‘6Speed’ now, and go pay some attention to 3Flows.