#INTERVIEW Kyze drops by 90s baby show for a chat with the guys

Watch as SN1’s Kyze comes to have a chat with the guys on the 90’s Baby Show podcast talking all things ‘2 Words 1 Finger’, recording in jail, and collaborating with Giggs.

Kyze talks about his faith and belief in God, and how jail gave him time to reflect and grow up but it also held him back in his music career.

Anyone else hoping that there will be a SN1 reunion and potentially a tape of them all on coming soon? I know it is a question that SN1 members get asked a lot in interviews and they are always coy with their responses but here’s hoping it will happen!

I’m a big fan of the 90’s Baby Show podcasts, it always has me in stitches and Kyze always gives honesty in his answers. Don’t miss this one!

To find out more in depth answers about his latest project ‘2 Words, 1 Finger’ make sure you watch the interview now!