Coe Shows Us The Video For ‘Third Eye’

First of all let’s just appreciate the message behind this one, slavery is an evil that inhabits this world and it must be stopped. The powerfully named ‘Third Eye’ is a pure message to the people and it needs to be shared and shared. Coe does an excellent job in the video and his hard-hitting lyrics gets you thinking about the torment and suffering generations have gone through. But, it also makes you think about modern-day slavery and the effect it’s having on the world.

The video starts of with a video clip from infamous human rights activist Malcolm X, and this sets the pace for the rest of the video with excellent imagery and references throughout the video for ‘Third Eye’

The message Coe is sending is a good one, it’s something that we can all get behind and support. One of my favourite things is how Coe mixes the lyrics with the politics and creates a piece of art. The involvement that Coe has in the video is limited but it’s the images and actions in the video that come through with ‘Third Eye.’

Check out the video for ‘Third Eye’ now, something Coe should be very proud of.