XL hits us with a lit visual for debut ‘Fire in The Coupe’

West London rapper XL has just dropped a lit visual for his new song “Fire in The Coupe”. This song is the rappers debut, which definitely does not disappoint. The rapper has some familiar faces featured in his video, including respected artists such as the rapper C Biz. Having this kind of co sign from such a respected name in the U.K. music scene, is such a big move for XL, so early on in his career.

The visual starts with a short skit, which allows tension to be built up for the actual song to start. The start contrast between the funny skit and the actual music video highlights the versatility of the rapper.

The music video features sport cars, a party, respectively beautiful women and a motorbike; dreams of a lot of mandem. The video features some low fi, buzzy segments which adds to the whole aesthetic of the video.

The beat is hard and the rappers flows do not disappoint. XL’s flows are bouncy and witty. His bars such as “Wet man, I’m a baptist” and “I’m no phoney, there’s not a single person that can phone me”, prove him to be talented MC.

Be sure to check out the visual!