Heavytrackerz sits down with DJ Dubl for an interview about their new album ‘Odyssey’.

The Heavytrackerz, a group of some of UK’s best producers right now, have sat down for an interview with DJ Dubl for his youtube channel to discuss their new album ‘Odyssey’.

They have an interesting conversation about the album and why instead of writing an album filled with dope tracks with the biggest and best names in the UK scene right now, they wanted it to be more like a concept album mainly to challenge themselves. They talk about working with the artists that they did for the album, who was the easiest to work with, choosing Noel Clarke for the intro to the album, remaking the iconic classic garage track ‘Sorry’ by Monsta Boy and understanding the different sides to the music industry.

These guys are some of the dopest producers and highest in demand right now and I think the album is an absolute perfect reflection of why.

Watch the interview now, it is not to be missed! Make sure to listen to ‘Odyssey’. The album is available to download and stream on all digital platforms now.

Great work, guys.