Headie One Enlists Estherdurin For ‘Shed No Light’

Headie One is back with another track, as he joins forces with singer Estherdurin for Shed No Light. The title for this one comes off the back of Headie One’s recent interview with Not For The Radio, where he stated that not much light could be shed on a touchy situation. The clip spread fast and quickly became a meme all over social media, which if you haven’t seen yet, you can watch at the beginning of the track above.

The track is produced by Kevin Mabz, and sees Headie one take on a very unexpected slow, melodic approach that you may have only really heard him experiment with on his track with Colo titled 90 On the M. Backed by the wonderful vocals of singer Estherdurin, Headie makes sure to keep the content strict to the subject matter, as he details many situations that if he was to be questioned on, he’d shed no light.

Check out the track above now and let us know what you think!