Harvey Unveils New Track And Visuals To ‘BA Baracus’

Harvey is back with a brand new song in BA Baracus. The So Solid Crew legend dropped the wavy visuals to this new track with little to no pre warning, though he did pop up on Chuckie and Poet’s Halfcas podcast the other week.

BA Baracus, gives a nod to the 1980’s TV show The A-Team in which the character B A Baracus is played by Mr T! Who remembers watching it? It was still aired in the UK well into the 90’s and sparingly in tho early 2000’s.

Harvey brings his fast flow and fresh lyrics in this new track, in an effort to let us all know that he still has it and is worthy of a place in the scene.

The visuals are dark and mysterious, barely allowing us to see Harvey’s face. With that and the smooth production, fast flow and playful lyrics, this is a very creative comeback, and I am excited to see what more is to come from Harvey!

Make sure you hit Harvey up and let him know how you feel about his new drop! Was it a surprise to you too or did you expect this one from the So Solid veteran?