Halfcast Podcast Discuss Dave’s ‘Psychodrama’ Album

Chuckie and the Halfcast Podcast crew sit down for an in-depth discussion about Dave’s debut album, Psychodrama.

In the latest episode of Halfcast Podcast, the boys sit down to discuss Dave’s debut album, Psychodrama, which is currently on its way to a number one position in the UK Charts. The project is full of depth and substance, delivered with remarkable talent; from the wordplay to the production.

Breaking the project down, track by track, Chuckie leads the conversation which sees the crew review the album, highlighting great points that many may have missed on the first listen to the album. It’s an insightful conversation, as not only do they share their opinions, but they also share some information which Dave revealed on Instagram live; for those who missed it.

If you haven’t listened to the project yet, it is available on all digital streaming platforms, as well as some of your local HMV’s and Asda’s. Let’s get Psychodrama to number one!

Check out the episode in the video above, and share your thoughts with us on Twitter.