Halfcast Podcast Discuss Condemning Solo 45 With Margs

Chuckie and Savage Dan sit down with special guest, East London-based rapper Margs, to discuss whether or not Boy Better Know should condemn Solo 45.

This week, the Halfcast Podcast crew discuss the dark cloud that hovers over former Boy Better Know artist, Solo 42, who has been charged with 22 counts of rape, and is currently on trial. Chuckie, Savage Dan and Margs are discussing whether the rest of the crew members need to make a statement condemning Solo 45’s actions, or whether they don’t owe anyone anything.

The discussion is interesting, as the differences in thought process vary slightly, but all reach similar ending opinions. They not only discuss whether Solo 45 should be condemned, but they also discuss ways in which it would be acceptable to not condemn the former artist.

Taking the conversation further, Chuckie, Savage Dan and Margs, bring other violent acts into question, such as domestic violence and murder. It seems that depending on the people involved, and how serious an individual personally feels that a crime is, people may turn a blind eye to heinous actions.

You can listen to the full podcast episode below:




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