#HalfcastPodcast Ask Whether You Could Cancel Michael Jackson?

In this episode of Halfcast Podcast, the cast members discuss whether or not they could cancel Michael Jackson, in light of news of a new documentary.

Recently, news has been released detailing an upcoming documentary, titled Leaving Neverland, which is set to shine light on the rumoured perversions that once plagued the Neverland Ranch. The controversial documentary has not been released yet, but it already has people talking; including the Halfcast Podcast crew.

Chuckie asks the question: “could you cancel Michael Jackson?”, and Poet and Dan share their opinions. The conversation gets personal, with Poet speaking about being a parent, and how he would feel if anybody harmed his children. They also touch on social media hoaxes that they almost fell for, or wanted to be true.

Watch the episode in the visuals above, and share with us your thoughts; on whether you could cancel Michael Jackson or not.