Fredo Shows He’ll ‘Never’ Switch Up In New Visuals

Fredo drops the flashy, and exciting, visuals to ‘Never’ – a popular track from his second mixtape, Tables Turn.

Representing his stomping ground, Harrow Road, is Fredo, one of the most popular rappers in UK rap at the moment. Earlier this year, February 2018, the artist shared his second mixtape, Tables Turn, which was a great body of work. Included on that mixtape were many songs that stood out, one of those tracks being ‘Never’.

Never is an energetic track that expresses his acknowledgement of those, out there, that pretend to support him, but don’t really show love. He advises to, ‘check yourself, before you wreck yourself’ – as he takes loyalty seriously. However, he carries the majority of the track on a higher note, showing how his life has turned around. Where he once struggled through hardships, he now has ‘wonderful problems’ – and he is celebrating that.

The visuals to the powerful track are equally as impactful. Opening up with a dedication to those that came to his Tables Turn tour, he proceeds to share clips of the tour, behind the scenes as well as performance footage. Those exciting clips are merged together which snippets of Fredo’s high-life, and, as always, the video feels luxurious.

Never is a track that many people have wanted visuals for, and they’re finally here. They exceed expectations in appearance, but suit the track perfectly. For those supporters that claim to have never seen Fredo smile, this will be a treat, as he’s smiling a lot. Great job to TV Toxic who put it all together!

Also, congratulations to Fredo who signed the first producer, J B Productions, to his label PG Ent earlier this week!

Check out the flashy, behind-the-scenes styled, visuals to ‘Never’ in the video above. Let us know what you think.