Fox keeps it real in brand new ‘Behind Barz’

Fox steps into the Behind Barz booth to lay down some fire bars.

Hailing from Birmingham is rapper Fox, who has been making his presence known in the music scene for quite some time. Furthering that presence, Fox steps into the Link Up TV booth for a Behind Barz episode, in association with Foot Asylum, and this one is not to be missed!

As soon as Fox steps into the booth he starts to poetically lay down his bars. He is effortless with his delivery, but ensures that his lyrical ability is to be noted. He has a storytelling ability with a smooth flow, and doesn’t miss out on adding in sweet punchlines.

Fox doesn’t shy away from keeping it real, and between his history of being jailed, to the bipolar thoughts in his head, he ensures to share it all in his Behind Barz. He shares his story so well, over a hot beat produced by Mazza Beats and Jay Youngs which is notable in its own right, as it made for the perfect backdrop for Fox’s fire lyrics. 

After hearing his Behind Barz, the anticipation is now higher for Fox’s future releases. We look forward to hearing much more!

Check out Fox’s Behind Barz in the video above and share your thoughts with us in the comment section, and/or on Twitter.