Founder of ‘World Soldiers’ talks UK music

Many of you may remember the ‘World Soldiers Anthem’ produced by Rude Kid released back in 2012, featuring BBK’s very own Jammer.

Here, Link Up TV sits down with the Founder of entertainment label and clothing brand ‘World Soldiers’ in an exclusive interview, as he talks us through how his platform first came about. He takes us on a journey through his childhood, as well as the life of his parents who were forced to the UK from their home country Kenya. He explains that his appreciation for the culture and diversity found in the UK today led and inspired him to begin his independent brand, combining his love for fashion, music and entertainment.

However, he also touches upon the more current issues of racial tensions experienced by many today, explaining exactly how he used this to develop an innovative and creative platform that seeks to make change around the world. He furthers to breakdown the construction of all 8 characters central to the brand and how each were designed with the clear goal of uniting the nation in its own unique way.

This is not the last you will hear of ‘World Soldiers’ this year as they are currently in the process of relaunching for 2018.

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