Follow Us As We Spend ’24 Hours With’ Skengdo & AM

In the 15th instalment of our 24 Hours With series, we follow arguably the most prominent duo in UK Drill right now, Skengdo & AM. Throughout the 24 hours, we catch footage of the South London rappers as they prepare for their biggest London show at KOKO (1,000 plus capacity). They both let u into how they’re feeling about what’s happening and the journey so far, how much it all means to them, pre-performance rituals and more.

We also speak to Finesse Foreva (management) as they give their opinion on the growth of the artists and how proud they are to see them in such a beneficial position. We then catch them shutting down their show, which is then followed by their post-performance reactions as they express how pleased they are with the levels they have been able to reach through music.

Check out the 24 hour journey we took with Skengdo & AM above now! and hit us up in the comment section and across our socials to let us know your thoughts!