Eyez Talks Grime, Midlands, And New Mixtape With DJ Dubl

DJ Dubl welcomes Derby MC Eyez as the latest guest on his show for an in-depth interview. Throughout the interview, Eyez speaks on the talent coming out of the Midlands, his first ever performance, his new Square One mixtape, and also reveals how he managed to talk the current Chelsea manager Antonio Conte into making a cameo appearance in his Smoking Fine music video!


The MC then alludes to the difference between Elijah Eyez and Eyez, mentioning that Elijah Eyez brings out more of his Hip-Hop side, carrying more of a message and emotion behind it. Whereas Eyez shows him in more of a hyper stage, which he tends to be more known for. DJ Dubl then discuss Eyez F*** The Grime Scene freestyle, where he takes aim at a lot of individuals. Eyez gives his take on who he felt responded the best, before he speaks on meeting producers ZDot & Krunchie, working with them on a regular basis & whether or not he feels underrated, stating “if 1000 people say I’m underrated, I can’t be that underrated because 1000 people have said it. You rate me so much that you think I’m underrated, I rate that.”

Check out the insightful interview above.