Eyez speaks his mind on new single ‘Understood’

Derby’s man of the moment Eyez has shared a cold new single entitled ‘Understood’, produced by Doe-P. On the track, he vents his frustrations with fake MCs (“Man are talking ’bout trap but they don’t trap / They ain’t cooking up the food like Breaking Bad”) and fair-weather friends (“I used to shout them man back-a-day / But they never hollered back so I watched them beg”).

He also reminisces on his city’s success at last summer’s Red Bull Grime-A-Side tournament, advising listeners that it was far from a solo effort and they should “be respectful” of his teammates Dubzy and Lox, both of whom are highly talented MCs.

There’s no news yet as to whether or not this will appear on an upcoming project, but for more updates, you can follow Eyez on SoundCloud here.