EO Features On Debut Episode of ‘Soled Out’

Now you may know the UK based website The Sole Supplier for giving you the drop on the latest sneaker releases and culture in the UK and Europe. But for those that didn’t know, The Sole Supplier post interviews and web series on their YouTube channel too! Their latest one titled ‘Soled Out’ has just been launched and they have recently released their very first episode. The format is similar to shows you might have seen across the pond from people like Sneaker News and Complex Magazine but strictly for the UK. Some of the biggest rappers in the UK scene get taken crep shopping and get asked a host of questions during the shopping trip.

On the first episode, the good people at The Sole Supplier have got rapper EO, the guy behind the smash hit ‘German’, in to look through the Sneakersnstuff store in London. The rapper goes on to talk about his smash hit ‘German’, his love of the classic Nike Air Force 1, his GRM Daily inspirations and all things Adidas. I’m liking this format given the role that sneakers (or trainers as we know them) play in rap culture.

Watch the video above and look out for the next episode of ‘Soled Out’.