E.Mak drops new visuals for ‘No Sponsor’

E. Mak is back to remind fans that he’s becoming successful without anyone’s help, with his new laidback track No Sponsor.
The track comes from E. Mak’s new Crack The Code 2 album, which came out two days ago, and just like the rest of the album, No Sponsor deals with the highs and lows of the UK music industry.
Focusing on the music labels that are capitalising on young talented artists, and the deals they’re offering, E. Mak calls these labels out for dodgy offers, asking ‘How am I supposed to prosper if I can’t feed anyone with your offer?’. He also talks about his struggle, ‘I rose from the cracks in the concrete’. The video, produced by @Jovisprod and @SquizzleItal and directed by @SpeakerBoxxUK, shows him rapping the track in the booth and shots of his boys. It’s simple, serious and low-key. It’s also a completely different vibe from what we’re used to seeing him in videos like Yo and the Yo Remix that featured the likes of Big Zeeks, Stylo G, and TE dness.

What do you think of E. Mak’s new track? Let us know in the comments and listen to E. Mak’s new album below!