Elro Releases Unveils Music Video To ‘Me Myself And I’

Premiered on SBTV, Elro returns on an introspective vibe releasing a new music video for song, Me Myself and I.

Rapper, Elro is portrayed in a drunken state tripping from the experience. Throughout the music video, Elro goes back and forth in an internal battle with his inner self, contemplating taking his life. This is a clear example of having the devil on your shoulder. It is evident that Elro and his team has put in work to create a piece which is different to what we are used to.

The track is bound to make you trip with its unique visuals led by animation, which reflects the lyrics and the dark mood of the track. The idea of opposition is very prominent which is illustrated in the difference of the two voices and the fact that the visuals are black and white. It could possibly be play on good vs bad, right vs wrong, pure vs evil. If you appreciate a good obscure music video, then you’ll definitely like this.

This introspective song is relatable to many and I respect Elro for keeping it real, expressing himself and laying his throughts down on a track.The beat is fire! The lyrics is real and the visual is on another level; The people who have put this all together is killer combination.