Dumpz Releases New Visuals For ‘Aya Mean’

Some people may not have heard of Dumpz yet, but he is definitely making his mark in the music scene, even collaborated with Shay Bo back in 2012. Directed by Akins TV, Aya mean takes us through the west end of London with Dumpz and the boys cycling around the iconic streets of Chinatown. With good vibes and lyrical mastery this summery melody set in a snowy background shows us the chilling symphonies inserted in this track.

Aya mean is sure to get you on your feet and subconsciously moving to the beat. A certain summer drop that you’re likely to hear on your travels. Dumpz has developed his style over the past few years and has certainly been working hard to have been able to create a track as harmonious as Aya mean. We are expecting many more big things from Dumpz in in the near future but for now sit back, relax and enjoy the new vibe you get iff this fresh release!

Check out the fresh, new video above and let us know your thoughts in the comment section or via our socials! Do you want to hear yet another drop from Dumpz very soon? Did you like this one as much as we did?