Don Strapzy Drops Video For ‘Khabib’

Some bars bring pure joy to people. Chocolate bars are loved up and down the country, gold bars are always a good choice, but the bars that bring me solace are football bars and the King who is Don Strapzy has just dropped a new track in Khabib, that’s chock-a-block to the brim with them.

Just like Khabib, Don Strapzy has got some major fight inside him. Throughout this track he hits us with some heavy lyrical blows and shows us why he is one of the most talented artists in the scene right now. Don Strapzy tells us why we need to call him Donny Khabib. In an epic freestyle the artist focuses on his signature wordplay, creating a certified track that needs to be played.

The music video is a perfect match, with some cutaways from Don Strapzy’s football team SE Dons FC. Khabib creates a vibe and it’s very hard to ignore it, the song is loud and proud.

“I might go Miami for like 7 nights, G I might get it wrong before I get it right”.

It’s bars like the above that make the song such a worthy listen. It’s a perfect representation of what Don Strapzy is about.

Make sure you go and check out the video for Khabib now guys and make sure to let us know what you think.