Donae’o and Belly link up on ‘Chalice’

Donae’o has joined forces with Belly a new tune titled “Chalice” for Link Up TV Trax. The new tune is quite unexpected as the pairing of the UK artist with Canadian artist Belly is something that would seem unlikely. Regardless, the song is not one to be disappointed in. It features the usual catchy, infectious, melodic and seamless flow of Donae’o, which is oddly perfectly complimented by the soft mumble rap from Belly.

The title word of the song “Chalice”, is both a celebratory word and sound as the sound of “Ch” is reminiscent of cheering to one’s success. This word therefore reflects the victorious and celebratory tone of the whole song.

North West London artist Donae’o is no stranger to success. Since the release of the artists album Party Hard, in 2009, the artist has been a big name in the UK music scene. He came to further prominence relatively recently, when he was featured on Giggs’ smash hit song “Lock Doh” and “Linguo”. Belly himself is also highly successful, having co wrote songs for massive artists such as The Weeknd and Beyonce. He also released the highly successful mixtape “Mumble Rap”.

Be sure to check out the tune from these talented artists!