DJ DUBL drops an interview with Damian Marley

I look forward to many things in the week. One of those things is when it’s the weekend. Another, is when DJ Dubl drops an exclusive interview. This one is a big one, it’s an interview with Damian Marley, the legendary son of Bob Marley.

So you’d imagine Damian would have loads to talk about and trust me he didn’t disappoint. Dubl asks him about his first studio session and the answer is very humbling from Damian. I’ll always know Damian Marley for ‘Welcome To Jamrock” it was a song that captured my attention from the age of just eight. Dubl covers everything and more in this interview, he deserves a massive shout out for the work he puts into them.

One very interesting thing they speak about is when Jay Z tried to get Damian to sign for Def Jam records. I found the whole interview a very humbling experience and it showed just how Damian Marley is following in his father’s footsteps. They also spend some time talking about ‘Stony Hill’ and the impact it’s had on Damian Marley’s career.

Make sure you go and check out DJ Dubl’s interview with Damian Marley now. It will not disappoint.