Dig Dat, Krept & Konan And More Perform At Table Bay

Dig Dat, Ms Banks, Krept & Konan, Alicai Harley, Hope Dealers and Osh perform at Table Bay.

Table Bay is an exclusive fashion pop-up event where independent brands get together to showcase, and sell, their latest collections in a cool, day-time party environment. Hosted by Reprezent Radio presenter Jourdan, this video sees us take our viewers into a Table Bay event to see who was in attendance and what went down as well as some of the live performances.

Jourdan speaks to a few of the guests, including Konan, Osh, 23, Lisa Mercedez, and one of the founders of Table Bay, Maria. Everybody appears to be having a great time as they either showcase their businesses or purchase from others. There is a lot of networking, and socialising, taking place and it looks like a good environment!

Whilst the event is taking place, some of the artists in attendance perform some of their tracks. Alicia Harley, Hope Dealers, Ms Banks, Dig Dat and Krept & Konan all perform for the audience, making this event one of Table Bay’s best yet.

You can see a snippet of what went down by watching the video above. Don’t forget to let us know your thoughts in the comment section, or on social media.