DigDat drops bars on ‘Hype On The Mic’

19 year old rapper DigDat has shown that he has some serious bars on his freestyle with Hype On The Mic. DigDat makes reference to some superstar footballers throughout the freestyle. It really works and DigDat certainly has developed a style. It’s nice to see such a young artist focused, every bar spat on this freestyle is coming from a good place.

BBC Asian Network have always been humble to the scene and Kan D Man and DJ Limelight have got the invite right with DigDat. He has been killing it lately, with his song ‘Air Force’ sending some serious waves and getting bare views. DigDat is a serious talent in the game and he has furthered this more by dropping some bars on this freestyle.

An epic flow throughout DigDat makes it very hard for you to ignore him on this freestyle. This feels me with a vast amount of confidence for the rest of the year and I hope to see DigDat releasing more music very soon. The bars are cleverly thought out and we begin to see the lyricist in DigDat.

Make sure you go and check out DigDat’s freestyle on Hype On The Mic and let us know what you guys think.