Diddy compares Pusha T and Drake battle to 2pac and Biggie

In an interview with the Breakfast club, Diddy compared Drake and Pusha T’s feud to 2pac’s and Biggie’s famous beef. The rapper kept it real about the matter and, much like many of us, he feels that the levels Drizzy and Push reached are reminiscent of when Pac and Biggie were going at each other.

Like the rest of us, Diddy was closely preeing Pusha T and Drake’s back-and-forth like the rest of us. Puff noted that Pusha is likely the most skilled opponent that Drake has gone up against in the past before agreeing with J Prince’s reasoning to shut down the beef.

Diddy awarded the Win to Push, simply because Drake did not respond. He went on to compare the situation to Tupac and Biggie’s classic battles, stating that Pac’s ‘Hit Em Up’ diss and the level that they would stoop to in order to damage the other.

Watch the full interview above.