Deep Green Causes A Storm With ‘Hurricane Harvey’

Deep Green has done a madness with the video for ‘Hurricane Harvey’ with the visuals to the cold lyrics this song needs to come with a weather warning. The Sheffield rapper puts all of his energy into this one and shows how his flow has developed.

The visuals are very smart as well, with the start showing many American broadcasts talking about the impact of ‘Hurricane Harvey’ it would be fair to say that it’s certainly having an impact here in the UK. Deep Green attacks the beat and sends the song into a frenzy.

‘Hurricane Harvey’ isn’t the first time we’ve seen some serious bars from Deep Green. ‘Better Place’ and ‘Hometown’ have some very worthy bars in them. The visuals work very well with the direction of the song and it makes me excited to see what else Deep Green is going to be bringing out this year.

‘Serving shots like I’m Venus, because my lines built like Serena. Clean up your ends like the sweepers, then leave it a mess like Katrina’

With excellently crafted bars like this you get to see why Deep Green has such an epic vibe when it comes to his music. ‘Hurricane Harvey’ is just another great song from the man who’s hometown of Sheffield is quickly becoming a grime forefronter.

Check out the video for ‘Hurricane Harvey’ above the article now.