Curby Hops Out The Kitchen With A ‘Biscuit’ In Wavy Debut Visuals

Curby is spilling sauce all over his debut track, ‘Biscuit’—delivering cool lyricism, over a wavy beat.

Birmingham talent is continuously on the rise, and with recent positive light being shed on the city with the release of Noisey Birmingham, the timing for new talent to emerge is just right. Coming out of the city, with his debut, is Curby—introducing his wavy style with a wavy track, entitled ‘Biscuit’.

’Biscuit’ is a film by OLVRG, that sees the newly emerged artist in a series of clean-cut shots. As visuals open up, Curby hails up bossman—before stepping out of the shop, and into the hood. But he’s showing the bright side—from hanging in the Rolls Royce, to Ciroc-spilling on the ends with his team. And they’re even living it up in the trap-styled settings—it’s a vibe.

Curby brings a fresh, and enjoyable sound, as he delivers his vocals that blend Birmingham slang, and African intonations smoothly. His tone is unique, and his distinctive flow works well with the catchy beat—produced by Cartier—creating a vibrant bop.

From the mood-lifting clean-cut, visuals—to the cold production—and back to Curby’s smooth delivery: ‘Biscuit’ brings a wavy vibe, making it an easy replay. This is a great introduction track, and we look forward to hearing more from Curby soon!

Check out the ‘Biscuit’ visuals, in the video above. Let us know your thoughts on Twitter.