Corleone is bringing up class with visuals to ‘Corleone’s Fortress’

South London’s rapper, Corleone, premiers some refined looking visuals to his new project “Corleone’s Fortress”. The song is a GB Records London production, featuring an instrumental produced by Homage.

Corleone is notorious for promoting an “Italian’s gangster lifestyle” throughout his projects and he manages to keep the same tone with his new video, directed by Miles Suave. The visuals are done in class, with refined captions that compliment the instrumental while the sepia effect gives it the look of a classic movie

On the laid back, jazzy sounding instrumental, Corleone enhances it by the references behind his lyrics where he brings up his hustle, his lifestyle and overcoming problems. His delivery seems effortlessly while he comes up with some well thought punchlines: “all I see is wealth when I’m looking in the mirror/ It’s bad for your health to be hating on…”. The song features Deeray on the hook and it is perfect in regard to the entire idea behind the project, as she comes in with some jazzy vocals that compliment the production.

Corleone manages to impress all the time and he has featured the likes of many other artists in the industry. His “Medellin” project featuring Young Adz , launched early 2018, has reached now over 3millions views. Also, his project “Nothing to Something” featuring C-Biz was also another success, reaching almost half a million in views.

Make sure you check the visuals to “Corleone’s Fortress” out now on GRM Daily.