CK Is On The ‘Come Up’ In Latest Visuals

CK has come through with his icey sounding new track Come Up. The instrumental makes an instant impact, it has a hip-hop feel that really works well with CK’s lyrics. CK has come through with the galdem in the video, models are dotted about the video for Come Up. CK does a great job with the lyrics and creates a vibe.

He attacks the beat from the start and provides us with a real insight into his style. The East London artist doesn’t stop and really comes through with some humble lyrics. CK paints a picture for the listeners with his song. With more music like this, CK will really be on the come up. This well-crafted song is certainly worth a listen.

I don’t know where CK found the girls in the video, but one has three tongue piercings and that deserves a separate article. The visuals blend really well together, the use of colours is prominent throughout, Crematics has done an excellent job creating this one. CK can be very proud of this one, Come up has something about it.

Make sure you go and check out the new video for Come Up, and let us know what you think.